Somewhere Summer

When the leaves start to fall and the sun slides all the way ’round to the other side of the world…

I get a little bit grumpy.

A little bit cooped up.

A little bit sad.

You could say I’m allergic to winter.

I know. Poor me.

Just think of my cold little toes!


Maybe I just prefer bright.


A bit of gold on a cloud.

A bit of glare on a train track.

A bit of peace from the wildlings who leap the couches and roar

And climb me, like the ladder I so clearly am.


And the gym!

My goodness, they’ll be pleased.

We miss you, they said in summer;

A pointy-fingered email for every time I chose to exercise in the great outdoors…

Instead of on their sweat-crusted cross trainer.

Yes, gym. It’s true.

The grey skies will bring me back to you.


And don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad.

There’s the wood that crackles in the fire. The quiet moments that dull the adorable LOUD.

And then there’s you.

My friends in the north, peeling off your chunky wool sweaters. Frolicking in the splendor of a sun-lit strip.

I’ll think of you and your sweet, sweet summer and do you know what I’ll do?

I’ll smile. Because at least someone will be sipping Pina Coladas, pool-side.

Even if it won’t be me.



By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

9 replies on “Somewhere Summer”

I did. I didn’t unsubscribe to your old one. And you know I wouldn’t miss out on this new blog. I am so excited! I missed you. I can’t wait. Thanks for writing that post..😁🤗💓

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I wrote that last post on Sunny Mummy Days for you, CC! I knew what a beautiful bond we’d found with Misscookas… I just didn’t know if it would change anything if you knew who I really was! But Misscookas is still here, Cc.😄 She will always be here, and I am so looking forward to the next chapter now that you’ve found me !I so missed you, CC. So many yays!!!!❤️❤️

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Awww…don’t make me cry again! Of course, Misscookas is still there…seeing your face and knowing more about you just makes it even better..because that’s what you’ve chosen to share. I’m looking forward to it, too. It’s rare to find a bond in blogging. I have found it with several through the years, you being one. And I understood why you left. I always understand when ppl do. But I missed you. This is great. Mine is private now..bc I didn’t want to stop blogging, but I didn’t feel I could keep sharing publicly without choosing who I shared. Always reasons, my friend. Nope. Not one thing changes. Only better. So. Many. Yays!!!

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I know. I checked in and I saw it was private and completely understood why. ❤️ All good. We can still share these new sunny days together. And, of course, no pressure if you don’t check in for a while. I’m just happy you’re here, again. So much love. ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉

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Feel free to hit on it if you want to follow. I’ll accept you. If not that’s fine, too. I don’t blog as often but I’m always on my phone.
And’re not getting rid of me that easy. 🤣
I’m so happy too this made my whole day. Much

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