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Darling Day 27. Friends

Darling are the life-long friends.

And darling is the way they come and go so effortlessly.

How they delight me so with their laughing words and ways.

How they play all the strings of my heart, like a symphony deep in the blue of me.

dawn dusk idyllic ocean

All of the wonderful things they are—

The words, the smiles, the love.

What I wouldn’t give to fold it all up, that wonder.

Wrap it in a bundle of the fluffiest kind.

Open it whenever the world spins me a wet-cheek day.

An angry sky day.

A day that goes something like this…

nature summer yellow animal


Darling, darling friends.

I hope they know how I adore them.

That the days, the weeks, the months we spend apart sink them deeper into the guts of me…

Where I’ll love them all the more, need them all the more.

Like sunshine. Like chocolate.

background black coffee bouquet chocolate

And so another day comes to an end where I fall into bed with a grateful heart.

Grateful for darling friends.

The kind who accept me for every crease, every crack, every quirk.

So beautiful is my world, while you’re in it, dear keepers of my heart.

And so beautiful it always will be.

xx Brooke


The darling blog of May



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Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

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