Twelve Days of Christmas

Merry Birthday

On the tenth day of Christmas, there was a party.

Two years ago (nearly) she rocketed into my world and I fell irreversibly in love.

With her.

My mini me.

My little princess of the adorably nuts kind.

Happy birthday, darling girl.

Thank you for ruining Mummy’s forever Christmas;

no gift from here on in will ever be as sweet as you.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

2 replies on “Merry Birthday”

Oh. 😆 I can remember what we filled our time with: sleeping in ‘til 11, leisurely breakfasts for two, whole days of reading, movie marathons til late, dashes to the tram stop for an impromptu night out, dashes to the corner store for bacon to soothe the effects of the night out. You know. Just all that. Oh dear. I miss that stuff. I’d give it all up again for just one day with my bubs, though. With that said…gosh I’d love access to a pause button, on occasion. 🤭☺️

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