Let Them Be

I do this thing

where I try to ‘fix’ the people I love.

When they are sad.

When they are confused.

When they are in pain.

I do this

because when the people who feel like ‘joy’ to me

suddenly feel like something else—

I also feel like something else.

I feel like their shadow.

And I feel like mine, too.

anchor couple fingers friends
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How deeply I love.

How deeply I am touched

by the vulnerable spirits of others,

especially my very best others—

The people who fit perfectly with the essence of me.

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But now it’s time for me to let them be.

It’s time for me to stand back and say:

‘I love you. I am here if you need.’

It’s not my place to fix them.

It’s only my place to send them love hearts through the sky.

And know that because I have been there, I have been enough.

woman sitting while showing heart sign hands
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3 replies on “Let Them Be”

Thanks Jason! I’m glad this resonated with you. 🙂I’ve just noticed that it really does no good butting in, and another ‘opinion’ very likely just adds confusion to the mix. I really trust these days that the universe is going to get people to where they need to be. It’s got me to a place where I’m standing pretty firmly (most days ) on my own two feet, perhaps for the first time ever. So it’s gotta be doing some good in helping people process their stuff! 😃


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