The Year of Us

When I write my words, when I set them free in this little bloggy land of mine— the one where you’ve come to meet me, now—I become a better version of me. I can feel it. I can feel the happy moving within me, making my outer edges soft, making my inner edges kind.

It’s what I want my words and my life to be.



And absolutely overflowing with fluffy and mushy and sweet.

That’s why I adore this very bloggy world we share.

It fills my life with chances. Chances to share what it is to be human. Chances to share joy, chances to share pain, chances to share as little or as much as I want, on any given day, about any given thing.

Gosh I’m grateful to have shared so many chances with you.

You might be wondering where all this gooey stuff has come from, and that’s okay, because I’m ready to tell you. It’s come from freedom, the freedom I’ve allowed myself within the walls of this life-filled place.

This heart of mine doesn’t need to do quiet, in this place.

It doesn’t need to do scared of being different, scared of being judged.

It just needs to do me in all of my mushy, fluffy everything.


It’s been one whole year of words from me—

a whole year of this little blog of everything.

And I can’t thank you enough for joining me on the ride.

xx Brooke

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

7 replies on “The Year of Us”

I never really think about the outlet blogging allows us – I just tell my stories. It’s true though – the web has given each of us enough space to be all the versions of ourselves – including the real one that we typically filter and protect so carefully.

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This place is the ultimate outlet, for me. ☺️ It’s constantly stoking the fires of my spirit, and it does an even more thorough job at that the less I filter. I don’t know. I think writing in this place and connecting with other story sharing humans makes me feel somehow more alive. I really like that about blogging. And writing. And reading, for that matter. I could go on and on. ☺️xx

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Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been a year. I feel like I’ve been reading you for years. You’re such a sweet, beautiful soul and one of the best blogging friends ever. Here’s to many more years!

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Aww! Kat💕 You’re so lovely. xx I’d go so far to say I’ve met several soul mates throughout my blogging days, and you’re one of them, I’m sure of it. Thank you for your kind words! xx ps: you very well may have been reading me for years and just didn’t know it! Before I started this blog I was writing an anonymous WordPress blog called ‘All the Sunny Mummy days’. It was a similar vibe to this one but a little less of ‘grown up’ me happened there. 😂 xx

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