Butterfly Catcher

I was born

to be a catcher of butterflies.

Pass me my net

and I will show you

the joy

and the wonder

that lay sleeping

in your bones.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

11 replies on “Butterfly Catcher”

I have fond memories to catching butterflies with my siblings. The thrill of gently cupping a beautiful gem and feeling satiny soft wings against my skin. Dreaming of becoming a butterfly that could touch the sky. Enjoying those delightfully warm and carefree days. I’ll catch butterflies with you any day.

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Aww 💕That’s so beautiful, Kat. xx You’ve sparked a memory, actually. I used to have a little bug house I filled with grass, that always remained empty but for the grass. I’m not sure why. Maybe I never could find the bugs, maybe I didn’t want to because I was scared. But the magic of making a home for them felt beautiful to me, anyway. Maybe that was the first time I practiced being a mum! A mum of bugs. 😂☺️

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Yes, it does. ☺️ In truth, I’d rather put out my hand and let the butterfly land peacefully rather than put it through the trauma of having a net flung over it. The poor bugger would be scared sh*#tlsss. ☺️


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