Today, I feel it all.


Rushing beneath my skin, burning in my bones.

It’s an ache, I feel.

A beautiful wind that moves through my body and clutches at the spaces all around me.


It’s an ache I’ve always sought to understand.

An ache I never will understand.

An ache.

A life.

A dream to be everything I am.

A longing to be nothing I am not.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

5 replies on “Life”

Oh, that’s so good! I’m glad. 😃Yep. I’ve just been naturally drawn to go deeper with the blog, and everything in life, really. I’ve felt much more ‘alive’ the more of my heart I share with the world. Of course, I’ll keep moving and changing things on here as I go, I’m sure. Who knows what I’ll post on any given day. But I’m always curious to find out! 😂

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