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Don’t Knock the Dreamers

She bit off a giant chunk of hazelnut pancake, and ugly chewed.

He raised his fork, and his eyebrow.

She winked, and went on chewing loudly until her mouth was empty.

Don’t knock the dreamers,’ she said, then she handed him the flapping pages of the business section.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Don’t Knock the Dreamers”

This reminds me so much of my lifelong friend. I always envied how much she relished life with no inhibition and always chased her dreams. Dreamers are what make life so interesting and fun. As a species, I’m sure we’d be agonizingly boring without them.

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That’s just gorgeous. Dreamers really do deserve far more credit. Without them, we’d never have had beautiful, magical worlds like Narnia, and Oz, and Wonderland. So yes, I absolutely agree Kat! How boring the world would be without the dreamers. ☺️🌈

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You’re absolutely right. I think what was bubbling up from my depths, here, was my…disappointment, I’ll say- with the fact that the arts seems to have been ‘made’ a sub category by some random ‘sensible person’, at some point in history. And the fact is that dreamers are just as important to a functioning society as anybody. After all, who wrote the books the ‘sensible people’ read as they try to forget the stresses of their sensible world? Lol. I’m a bit scarred by it all, I think, Jonathan. Ha ha ha. ☺️


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