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Not Like The Others

There is a little girl

in me

who is trying to be

a big kid

just like the others.

Just like the others.

One day,

I think,

she’ll learn to be


with just ‘being me.’

However different.

However ‘not like the others.’

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4 replies on “Not Like The Others”

I couldn’t agree more, Kat. ☺️And plus…we’re all different. Some of us still just like to think that we’re ‘the same’ or ‘fit in’. But I think, if we’re really being one hundred percent true to who we are there is not a person on this earth that we are TRULY one hundred percent the same as. And that, to me, is all sorts of magic. 💕💕💕

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That’s true. We’re all such fascinating creatures, us humans- how we all see the world through an entirely unique filter. You never know what you’re gonna get. 😊


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