Once Upon A Lifetime Past

I couldn’t tell you how old I was. Seven or eight, maybe. However old I was, though, I was old enough to know what I believed. And what I absolutely did not believe was that my Mum had been killed by Jack the Ripper in a past life, like her meditation session had seemingly ‘revealed’. Ridiculous. Impossible. Absurd.

But I’ll get back to Jack a little later, shall I?

First: some background.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I was a highly sensitive child. A soft little muffin, and a deep one at that. But what I also seemed to be was an ‘old soul’, and none of the adults in my life ever were quite able to explain how that part of me came about.

The ‘old soul-ness’ kept popping up all the way through my teenage years and manifested in all sorts of different ways. Perhaps one of the most profound came in the form of a monologue I performed in the year eleven drama class play. It was the science teacher who mentioned it. He said—in fact, his whole entire body said— it was surely impossible for a sixteen-year-old to really know the feeling of ‘glass grinding in my spirit.’

‘How did you know?’ he asked, his eyes far more serious now than they had been when he explained to me that a Bunsen burner works best when it’s actually switched on.

‘Umm. I’m not sure,’ I said, slightly alarmed by the intensity of his usually playful eyes. It was an odd thing, I agreed, and honestly, I didn’t know where the depth of my performance had come from. But after seeing those eyes of his change so drastically…part of me wondered.

And part of me has wondered ever since.

So let’s get back to Jack then, shall we, and how he very rudely slaughtered my Mother once upon a lifetime’s past. Because it sounds bloody ridiculous, doesn’t it? Sounds impossible and absolutely, entirely absurd.

Well…yes. It does.

But I have to tell you, I’m not so sure anymore. As a matter of fact, I have been very seriously rethinking the nature of just about everything in this old universe of ours. And I’m thinking, now, that maybe—just very slightly maybe—my Mum might have been right about Jack.

What if the unexplainable really could be explained by remembering further back in time? What if the uncanny childhood wisdom that so many young children seem to possess, actually does come from someplace they have actually been before? Like…another life, perhaps?

Now wouldn’t that be something else.

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10 replies on “Once Upon A Lifetime Past”

Ha ha ha! Fascinating pretty much covers it, I reckon. And ‘totally nuts’ works too, but you’re very sweet for being so polite! 😂😉 Actually, I could write blog post after blog post about all the fascinating (cough: down right bizarre) woo woo things that have gone down in my life in the last year. I just don’t think I’m quite ready to accept the ‘fascinating’ of it all yet, myself. 😂 It’s a magical world, I’ll say that much. xx


I absolutely believe it’s possible! My husband swears he has memories of being in the Library at Alexandria when it was burned down. I think it’s incredible that some people are lucky enough to have these kinds of memories, feelings, and knowledge. Definitely makes life more interesting.

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That’s amazing, Kat! My little boy has said to me several times he was born in London. Lol. Nope. 😂 But actually, over the last few months I’ve done a few past life regression meditations (tell your husband to check some out on YouTube to look into the fire memory, if he’s interested!) and the ones I have done have always had me in tears! They make so much sense in relation to the situations I find myself in this life (and why I’m emotionally triggered by certain things in my life)-it’s really so strange. You should totally do one Kat! You’ll be amazed by what comes up. Who knows if they’re past life memories, but even if they’re not, they are some pretty epic imaginings! Great book material! 💕xx

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Aw, your son sounds adorable! I wonder who he might have been. I’d be interested in trying it out. It sounds fascinating! I’ve always been jealous of those who have those memories of past lives. In any case, it sounds like an amazing way to get to know yourself better. So powerful!

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He is a cutie, that’s for sure. And yes! Do it! It’s so good! Find a Brian Wiess one if you can. You go back in time, through childhood memories etc until you get to a past life. It’s a fascinating dive into the mind, absolutely. Even the stuff that comes up from childhood has really helped me. ☺️xx

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I’ve always had a pet theory about this sort of thing. DNA carries a certain amount of programming from your brain from generation to generation – so why shouldn’t it be able to also carry bits of memory ? Sure, you won’t understand any of it – because your body didn’t record it – but it might be there – although mangled up, and fragmentary.

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Interesting! Love it. Gosh, I’m such a nerd for all this stuff: anything to do with the brain and the make up of who we are…honestly, it surprises me that scientist haven’t nailed down the precise workings of this sort of stuff yet. We can send men to the moon and yet we don’t actually know how-we-work? lol. Don’t get me started. Ha ha ha! Anyway, your theory puts an interesting spin on the true nature of dreams, also, doesn’t it… 🙂 Specifically, the dreams we can’t connect to our current, or even early, lives. Does it all just ‘poof’ into us from nowhere? I doubt it. 😉


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