A Day In The Life

I’ll be asleep soon.

It’s 6:00 pm, and I’m fairly certain of it— tonight will be an 8:30 kind of night.

My goodness, it’s been a full twenty-four hours. My body is fighting a chest infection/cold and yet I’ve continued to move through life, sucking in just about every form of stimulation the universe has had to offer. However tiring, it’s been all sorts of lovely.

I spent a great deal of the day with one of my most precious friends, one of the few people in my life that I consider to be a ‘soul mate’ (and I’m sure I don’t need to explain the criteria needed to make this particular category of friends. It’s something your heart just knows, wouldn’t you say?)

Anyway, midway through my corn fritter, whilst trying desperately not to cough into the sugar bowl, it occurred to me just how much my homebody ways limit me from experiencing life’s good stuff. Like friends. Like coffee. Like coffee. ( I’m sorry, had I mentioned coffee, already?)

I’m an alone person, that much will never change. But today the universe reminded me that even alone people need someone else.

Bonus points for those of the ‘soul mate’ kind.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

13 replies on “A Day In The Life”

I agree, my lovely Kat. You’ve been a great big gift wrapped up in a lovely Kat shaped bow, courtesy of this big old lovely universe. Thanks universe! I’ll keep her, I think! 😀😘🌈

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I totally relate Brooke. I hope your chest cold goes away. Speaking of the universe… last night I was having some “alone time” after spending the entire day running after my 3 kiddos. I spent some time praying and reflecting. I felt like I have a push-pull tug-of-war going on with two parts in me: a gatekeeper and a connector. The gatekeeper (of my heart) wants to keep me safe and protect me. The connector is willing and open to make new bonds with people and strengthen bonds with existing ones. When I dug a little deeper with the gatekeeper, I found that his main driver was fear. It made sense, but it was also eye-opening. It was a wake up call to deal with some of my stuff so that I can live in more freedom to make, maintain, and grow connections in my life.

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I understand exactly what your going through, Jason. I think you’re ahead of the game already, though, in terms of your awareness. Be gentle with the gatekeeper. He’s very likely there just to hold the gate a little while until you’re ready to open it. You’ll know when it’s time, I’d imagine. But you already know that, don’t you. ☺️ Maybe you just need to re-learn to trust in the magic of the universe. And so do I, for that matter! Ha ha ha. It’s awfully difficult sometimes, though isn’t it. Our human minds never seem happy to sit back and just hand over the reigns to something as illogical as an invisible universal plan, do they! ☺️🙂


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