The Deep End Of Me

If I love you:

Today, you feel like all the pink clouds in my sky.

white clouds and blue sky


If I miss you:

Today, I ache for what we make the world when we are together.

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs


If I know you:

Today, I see every inch of your universe; inside, outside, below and above.

sky space dark galaxy


If I’m upset with you:

Today, you are the one black rock among a sea of white.

nature summer yellow animal


Today, I feel everything and all of us.

Today, I am swimming in the deep end of me.

photo of man with face paint


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Photo 2: by 周 康 on
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12 replies on “The Deep End Of Me”

Aww! Shucks, Jonathan. 🙂 I did love writing this one. It spoke to me from that deeper place that *really* knows me, if that makes sense. ☺️☀️🌈

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Oh, Gosh, Jason. Don’t worry about taking days off from ‘Brooke town’. Ha ha ha. Every one needs a little ‘Brooke break’ every now and then. 😛 And thank you. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 xx


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