The Birds

The birds are highly sensitive this morning, and so am I.

Often we sing at the same time, me and the birds— it’s so completely wondrous to observe. We’re the same, humans and nature, it’s just that humans are quite often too driven by ego to admit that we can learn from anything smaller than we are, especially if that something speaks a different language than we do. Like the birds.

Speaking of wondrous, and speaking of birds: I saw the most beautiful—and quite frankly, bizarre— thing, the other day. I was driving back from dropping my little boy at kinder, and upon entering our court I noticed a lady tossing bread onto the nature strip. That’s when I saw the Rosella. It was sitting on her shoulder, and it was-not-moving. Not an inch. As I drove away from the two of them, the thoughts began to circulate. I have never seen a human taking a bird for a walk. Is it her pet bird, or has she found a way to connect with wild birds? Oh my goodness me. Either way, it was one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever witnessed.

I believe we all have these abilities, to harness our sensitivity to the point of a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. I’m starting to wonder if the key is: exploring our sensitivity levels and learning how to master them so that we might use them in more confident and efficient ways.

In my case, it’s noticing when my energy fluctuates with every hormonal surge and learning to just roll with the wacky emotions that emerge, rather than acting upon, or judging myself for, the way they enter the world. It’s about noticing that when the birds are loud, my heart is too (and why might that be, I wonder) and how can I use this sensitivity to make the world as beautiful as the birds do?

Life is such a full thing, and yet too often we live on the surface of it, forgetting the multiple layers of magic that we really and truly are.

That’s why I’m searching for my keys and trying to make sure that this ‘sensitive’ superpower of mine works just so. Because life is way too short not to walk around with a bird on your shoulder. I mean, really. Guys. Surely you all agree with me on that one. 🙂

bird perched on person s hand
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18 replies on “The Birds”

Aren’t they so beautiful, Steve! I love to watch as they glide up and down through the air. It’s almost like they’re swimming. ☺️

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Interesting … what if fish flew and birds swam? My world isn’t what I thought it was – He turns it upside down for me!
I have a friend who showed me how to talk to parrots – instead of insisting they learn to repeat our words, she encouraged me to learn their sounds. We had a good time!

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Oh, brilliant! Yes, we are rather a snobbish lot, us humans. Expecting the world to tune in to our languages. Life is much better when we open our mind to the possibilities, absolutely! ☺️

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Yes! I so want a bird on my shoulder. They’re such easily spooked creatures (unless they’re city pigeons, in which case they’re suicidal or the pollution has melted their brains), that it would just be magical to connect to one and have that profound trust in each other.

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I KNOW! Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a horse whisperer! I reckon horses are the closest I do get to having that deeper connection with animals. Either I’ve got a more open channel of communication with horses, or I WAS one in a past life, I love them that much. 😂 I won’t rule out any magical options, Kat! 😂

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Horses have such beautiful, deep souls that it absolutely makes sense you must have been one. A beautiful wild one with the wind racing through your mane.


I think, because you ‘feel into’ others so well, you can likely match the energy of those around you to make them feel more comfortable. The birds would sense that about you, I’m sure. I’d hang around you, too, if I were a little bird, I reckon. ☺️


Ha ha ha! All good. I’m a big believer in the timing of things. You were obviously meant to read this one, today, Jason. 🙂 xx

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That’s so awesome, Jason. I really should do the same thing myself. Thanks for the great idea! ☺️

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Like what you said sensitivity and emotions here and using them to influence the world around you, and not “judging” yourself for how they come out at first. I definitely feel as I age I get more emotionally sensitive. Emotions are something we and everyone can connect through.

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