Life to Come

She had spent too many hours of her life

fearing things

that might not come to pass.

brown hourglass on brown wooden table
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9 replies on “Life to Come”

Fear is that powerful
a big obstacle for joy
save us from danger
or can create a decoy
let’s learn what’s real
separate the illusions
fear likes use to annoy
fear might be a thing
we can’t fully destroy
from what’s beautiful
try to serve yourself
take, taste it & enjoy!

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Part of her is glad too. The rest of her still thinks far too much about it all. πŸ˜› Such is the gift and curse of the deep diving creative wanderer. πŸ˜› xx

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The girl in you. And in me. And I’m pretty sure every girl that ever there was. How expert we’ve become at hiding our vulnerabilities from each other, though, hey. ☺️ Sometimes you’d think we were the only ones. πŸ˜‰


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