When A Butterfly Takes Flight

It’s the broken heart of my life.

When the soft girl found me, she brought me the most beautiful things. She helped me to feel the trees, and sing with them into the sun. She helped me to turn my most beautiful aches into words— words that so often break my heart and mend my soul: the very thing my words were always meant to do.

But the soft girl has taken so many things from me, also.

And one of those things is my beautiful husband: the most loyal and beautiful friend I’ve ever known.

He is, and always will be, one of my most precious people (and I have a feeling that I will always be one of his.) But over time it became very obvious that our puzzle pieces just weren’t fitting together anymore, and we’ve finally come to admit the truth of that. To ourselves. And to each other. It’s been a bit of a tough time for both of us, needless to say.

At the moment, I’m still processing things emotionally, but as usual this place and the beautiful friends I’ve found here remain the superglue that holds me together— I will always be so grateful to you guys for that. (I’m getting a bit love-hearty again, aren’t I, guys? Lol. You know I’ll never stop.)

What I’m trying to say is: life is a little hard for me at the moment, but I’ll be okay. I’ve got my trees. I’ve got my music. I’ve got my two precious little people, and the promise of a brighter version of the Mum they already know.

And last but not least…I’ve got you. And you’ve got me. And because you’ve got me, you’ve got all the dreamy love hearts, always and forever.

Because that’s just the way this soft girl of mine rolls.

crop field under rainbow and cloudy skies at dayime
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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

14 replies on “When A Butterfly Takes Flight”

Thanks, Jason. 🙂 I know you know what I’m going through: and yes, it’s very tough. We’re both being super supportive of each other at the moment, but gosh. Yes. Still tough. Just getting to the point of seperation took a lot out of us, but now we’ve moved into it, at least we can start to try and make peace with our choice. I’m doing pretty well (most the time.) The sadness comes in waves as the memories do. I’m sure my blog will help me as much as yours as helped you, though. So there’s that nice thing to think about. 🙂🌻🌈


That’s great that you are being supportive to one another. I found the sadness was hardest for me. The choice was made for me, which was the right choice, but a very hard pill to swallow. Writing was helpful. When I get into a funk, the best advice I could tell you is to write out the uncensored, all feelings bared “story” you are telling yourself and then try to pick out any truth and deal with the rest… I look forward to following your journey 🙂

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That’s so tough, Jason. Yes, although it was a mutual decision…there is still a lot of love there. To let go of the dreams you once had and the love that still lives: that’s the hardest part. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got this. xx 🌈

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I can only imagine what are going through. I have never been in a committed relationship for long; that sounds depressing just reading it. My son’s father supposedly cheated on me towards the end of my pregnancy and for sure less than a year of giving birth. My son is 13 years old now and I have yet to be in a relationship. I know that you are going through it, but I wanted you to know that I admire your willingness to love and your strength, awareness, and respect for the changes that come along with it. 💛🤗

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Thank you, lovely lady. Never stop sharing your heart. It’s all the lovely things. ❤️ The shit has well and truly hit the fan of my life and it’s a roller coaster of grief and hope for the future all rolled into one at the moment. I hear your story and I feel you. xxx But one thing I do know is: at the end of the day…we’ll be okay. I don’t know how I know that. I just do, so that’s a nice thing to think about, I reckon. xx ❤️


This is so upsetting and yet inspiring to read at the same time. I’m sorry for what you were going through (I’m not sure how you’re doing now) but you’re showing your strength and will and it’s such a powerful gorgeous feeling to witness it here in your writing. We’re there for you and so very proud of you. Hugs! ❤

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Thank you so much Shruba. That’s so beautiful of you to say, and thank you so much for your support and love.❤️ I’m still not over the mountain, but I always can see the sun through the clouds. That’s how I know everything will be okay in the end, whatever happens next. xx

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