A Little Time Away

My dear bloggy friends,

I’ve been thinking on a more practical level (which, let me tell you, is highly unusual in the world of this cloud bouncing dreamer) and my thoughts have led me to a little bloggy holiday.

I’m questioning the sanity of this decision, given the lovely distraction this place gives me from all the yucky things of life, but I do think that even just a few days away might be nice. I’ve been blogging almost every day, for quite some time now. A little bloggy holiday might be quite a lovely thing, now that I really think about it.

Obviously, a lot of emotional processing is happening for me at the moment and, although I don’t necessarily feel I need to take a break from blogging…I figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take some days off from this little bloggy land of mine.

Things need to move in my world, and over the next few months, I’ll be slowly making some decisions in order to move them. The practical reality of a newly separated Mum of two little muffins hangs over me like a giant hand reaching from the sky, ready to squash me flat. In other words: I need to earn some money soon, or things are going to go from bad, to worse, to really terribly horrible. I’d like to avoid any sort of bug-on-windscreen action, If I can get away with it.

As much as I adore this beautiful bloggy land (and certainly don’t plan on saying goodbye to it anytime soon) my focus needs to shift to more practical matters, and the first of those is…how to turn the skills I have into the job of my dreams. I’m a writer. Right? I could write. But then what will I write about, and who will pay me for what I write, especially if I’ve given no thought to the words I have to share. There are many avenues I could begin to peer down, career-wise, and after I’ve wrapped my head around the emotional upheaval my beautiful little family is facing at this time— it’ll be time for this love-hearty dreamer to get busy.

A bit of time away from here won’t get me a job, or an instantly love-hearty life, but it will free up a little bit of energetic space, which I can then use to get a bit clearer on things. I’m so excited about the possibilities!

So! I’ll see you guys in…I’m not really sure how long actually, guys! It could be a few days, it could be a week that turns into two, I’m just not sure. But what I do know is that the time away will not be wasted. Life is too precious to be wasted on less than wonderful.

It’s time, now, for me to get clear on exactly what my kind of wonderful looks like.

And then make it happen.

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By brookecutler2

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7 replies on “A Little Time Away”

This sounds like a great idea! I always like to think as my blog as something to help me… help me process, help me find encouragement, help me escape… but there are times that it needs to be put away for a day, a week, etc. why I figure other stuff out. Go do it!

You can do it!

Also, as far as a job… whatever you start with doesn’t have to be permanent. Sometimes one job is a stepping stone to the “the one” job 😉 either way, it’s just work.

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Thank you, Jason! Yes, I do think the first job will be a breadcrumb on the way to the loaf. ☺️Bread crumb by bread crumb…I’ll get there. xx

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My lovely, Kat. ☺️Thank you for bringing me your pom poms. I need all the pom poms I can get at the moment. They’ll wave me to my happy place, that’s for sure. ❤️😘❤️😘

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❤️We sure do. Just to quieten the noise, if nothing else. I will so keep you all up to date with the happenings of my world. I’ll be back very soon, I’d imagine. ❤️

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