When Life Hits The Fan: Eat Chocolate

I may or may not be sitting here on my couch, eating chocolate. And when I say I may or may not be…what I actually mean to say is: I am.

I will warn you right now: this is one of those random posts about nothing that I sometimes sprinkle the pages of this blog with, the ones where you guys sit there and go, ‘Well how about that. She is just about one of the most random human beings that ever there was.’

I can understand your confusion. You never do know which version of me you’re going to get on here— the poet, the writer, the philosopher, the Soft Girl, the complete and utter dork. I’d probably file this one under the complete and utter dork category. I don’t see this one going literary on you, and I don’t see the words that lie upon this page changing the world in any sort of grand way.

I can promise you one thing, though. The words on this page are me, and I think that’s the beautiful thing about blogging. The sharing of one’s soul with a world of strangers who are, just by virtue of us deciding it, actual friends. And lovely, loyal friends at that.

I’m tired— exhausted actually, from a huge day of organising the newness of my life as a single Mum. No one goes into a marriage thinking they are going to end up divorced, do they? And so when it happens to…well, happen…it’s all the emotional, exhausting things. I have a stress rash on each cheek (on my face, omg, guys. Srsly. 😛 ) I have two eyes that are close to closing for the night (it’s 9:00pm). And I have three parts of a broken heart. A heart that I will rebuild with a new joy, a new life, a new way— but one that’s still a bit squished flat, right at the minute.

But I will get through this like an absolute trooper, I can guarantee you that. Sure, I will cry all the millions of ugly tears in between now and when the good stuff begins again, but the end goal will be a beautiful world that I build with my precious muffins. That is such an exciting prospect.

As an empath (and ‘bit of a sensitive muffin) I’ve always needed time alone to recharge and create. It’s safe to say, I’ll have plenty of that now that I’ll be alone again. I was only just thinking of it earlier, after a conversation I had with my Dad on the weekend: I’ve always sought to hide away from the real world. Even as a young child, I would play alone in my room for hours on end, talking to the mirror, playing with dolls, singing into toilet rolls. It is the natural state of me, and as much as I have loved the gift of my husband and best friend of all these years…I will very much appreciate the gift of returning home.

Well. She couldn’t resist going deep in the end, could she, hey guys. Lol. You all knew it would happen, don’t pretend you didn’t. Okay, well. It’s sleepy byes time. I hope wherever you are in the world, you are safe and happy inside of your shell.

Lots of love, Brooke. xx

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8 replies on “When Life Hits The Fan: Eat Chocolate”

These lines really touched me “The words on this page are me, and I think that’s the beautiful thing about blogging. The sharing of one’s soul with a world of strangers”. It’s so true that we can write anything that’s in our mind and share it without any fear of getting judged or having to edit the true story. And sometimes a stranger who’s so far away can really understand us and develop a deep connection with us than someone who has known us and stayed with us since day one. Keep writing, keep letting those words out, let your tears fall and after releasing all that was heavy, smile again and start fresh! Life is a journey where we have to climb different mountains one after another. And process of climbing may hurt us so bad sometimes but at the end we’ll reach the top and realize we are stronger than all the obstacles that have ever tried to drag us down! Stay strong, take a deep breath and move forward as the beautiful, smart woman you are! Blessings and love 🌼🌸


Lovely Vihani. 🌸You are one of the beautiful strangers that makes this blogging thing just one of the loveliest human experiences there is. None of us are strangers, because we’ve all got a heart. And the way I see it is that we choose to allow people into our life for what we can give to them and what they can bring to us. You always bring me a smile with your words, because you, I think, must have fallen from the same tree as me. It’s so nice to find others from the same tree isn’t it? ☺️xx


Thanks for your kind words. Appreciate it ☺️ and yes it feels really good to share ideas with those who have walked the same paths. To know we are not alone and that there are people out there we can share life in a beautiful, deeper level. 🙏

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I was more thinking my changes in personality on here are a bit random for the world to keep up with 😉. I totally own the eating chocolate on the couch! Will be doing the same thing tonight, actually! Ha ha ha ☺️


Yeah. That’s kinda why I decided to make it a little blog of everything. Just so I’d have the excuse to write whatever, whenever the mood strikes. ☺️

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