For The Love Of Self

I love how deep this heart of mine goes.

I love that if I love you, you know just how much and why.

I love that my feelings shine into the midnight sky.

Some might call this: overly sentimental.

I call it: my gift to the world.

Shall we unwrap it together?

photography of two women sitting on ground facing on body of water

I love that I am always learning about life and love, and all the things that fill me with yes! 

I love that I am hungry. For everything. All of it.


Every moment.

Every day, even the grey ones.

Especially the grey ones, actually.

photo of rainbow under clouded sky

I love.

I love that I love.

I love that I love you.

I love that I love her, and him, and them, and that.

But I love that I truly love me, the most.

Because without loving me, I couldn’t love anyone else.

And what a horrible, terrible predicament that would be.

woman holding a heart shape light


* Thank you so much for sticking by me through the tough times, my beautiful friends.

I’m doing okay, despite the grey days. I’ve been trying to fill my own joy pots as much as humanly possible, but also…I’m trying to feel the rain, too. I sense it is important to let the rain come. So I am. Whenever it needs to.

Moment by moment, day by day, life is happening. And for now, I’m okay to roll with it. I can’t wait to fill you with some more often bright and shiny love hearts when this heart of mine is all patched up once again.

Until then…so much love, gang.

xx Brooke *



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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

9 replies on “For The Love Of Self”

Aww, Kat.❤️ I love you more! 😂 I wish I had you around for the times I forget to love myself. Those times still do come, but I think that’s always going to happen with us humans. Even the ones who say they’re made of super sturdy stuff…I bet inside there’s a scared little kid who doesn’t know how great they really are. I hope those people have got a beautiful friend like you to remind them. xx 💕

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It must be part of the human condition to have ups and downs. I like to think of it as the universe giving us perspective into how someone else might feel at any given time, a reminder that everyone has weak and strong moments. If only more people listened, then maybe there would be greater understanding. Even when you forget how lovable you are, I’ll always love you through the good and bad. The world needs a soul like yours. There are so many that need the same reminder.

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So true. It’s the perfect energetic release, crying, and that’s just what I’ve been needing lately. I felt a big burst of pain coming up today, so I went for a run. That helped an awful lot, also. 🙂

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