Be A Flower

Have you noticed how flowers open in groups? How certain flowers within the group open first, followed closely by a new lot that, for whatever reason, begin to grow and change at a different time.

But always they open as a group.

This is an important thing, I think.

Within their group, some flowers open together. Some individually. Some die just as the next lot begin to open, but one thing seems as sure as the sun does shine—

Every flower exists to open.

This is the natural way of things, I think.

Humans could learn a lot from flowers. We could learn to let the opening process be what it will be. You cannot stop a flower from opening as it will, and no matter how hard you try…you cannot stop a human from opening as it will, either.

So open as you will. Be a flower.

This will be your gift to the world, I think.



By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

8 replies on “Be A Flower”

Aww. 💕 Thank you, Eliza! What a lovely thing to say. I’m so glad my words are finding a nice place in your heart. xx


hey brooke this is tagy from tagy’s voice and I want to say your blog is amazing it really helped me when I needed it the most so really thank you for being inspiring. I’m sure there is other people like me who need your words just as much as I do

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