The River Of Me

The river didn’t think.

The river flowed.

Without question.

Without worry.


I become the river.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “The River Of Me”

I hear you, Kat. It’s so easy to feel like the rocks when we are surrounded by so much outside noise. Noise is unavoidable, too, which kind of sucks. Ha ha ha. ☺️I’ve found this amazing blissful flow the last few days- just a natural shift that’s come with doing a quick meditation, super quick excercise routine every morning, and going with the first thought that comes to me. I am not kidding. I’m meeting soul friends just RANDOMLY. I’m feeling calmer. The exact answers, things, and people I need are just arriving at my door. I mean, it’s nothing short of magic. Honestly. This ‘spiritual awakening’ or ‘reawakening’ has been the gift that keeps on giving. And for the record: you’re one of the gifts it’s brought me. (Thanks universe! What a legend!) 😂☺️☀️

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Oh, that sounds amazing! It’s so hard to become that lovely river sometimes, but a wonderful routine like yours just sounds perfect. So many of us could use exactly this; I’m sure it would make society a much better place to live in. I know I for one definitely need the magic you’ve found. As usual, your words just speak straight to my soul!

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