To me

there is no longer an option

to live anything but


And completely.

Knowing all that I need

is inside of me.

And nowhere else.


By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Bravely”

Oh my gosh, Brooke, this just went straight into my soul. The universe has us perfectly aligned where you are exactly the messenger I need right now. Thank you for always being so beautiful and honest!

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Ah, gosh. xx My beautiful friend Kat. Definitely part of the same soul wave, for shiz. Man I try to be brave, and although I try to be honest (particularly with myself) I seem to fail on more days than not, at this stage of my life. I hope this is the tipping point where I finally find my stride. But sometimes life seems to be a revolving door leading to all these different rooms- and none of them clear to me, given the fact the the revolving door seems to constantly spin and never stop. The best I can do for myself is to stop in some of my moments and start to myself the things that seem truly right down deep in my soul. This blog gives my soul a good place to shout it all out at you. 😂 I’m so glad we’re in this together Kat. xxx ☀️💞

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You know, I think we’re in the same exact place. I feel the same way, and it can be so hard to not break down. Whenever something seems clear, a mist just wanders by and clouds everything again. It’s maddening, but I suppose it’s life’s way of reminding me to be patient. I feel stuck in that revolving door, so I really need to learn to stop as you have. I’m right there with you, Brooke, and how lovely it feels to finally not feel alone! I do hope we find our paths sooner rather than later, though. It’s a little dizzying at times!

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