The Beautiful River

I cried a beautiful river, today.

A river that moved me to the core, and probably because I really didn’t see that river coming.

It was my little boy’s final day of kindergarten— next year he’ll be off to start the life of a little school man, and that in itself is enough to coax a river from the hiding place of me.

But although these tears were cried in the final moments of farewell… the tears that I cried didn’t actually belong to my Son, or the Kinder teachers we’ll miss so dearly.

They belonged to all of us. Humanity. Every little boy and girl who ever grew up…and forgot to remember that we all have one very important need. And that need is: to feel special in our world.

So, without further ado: here is the poem that set me off. I hope it turns you into the blubbering mess that you ought to be if you’re not feeling as special as you truly deserve to feel.

So much love, you gang of legends. Off we fly. To find the people and the places that really do make us feel…special.

xx Brooke

You’re a very special person,

and I want you to know

how I loved to be your teacher;

how fast the weeks did go!


Please come back to visit me

as through the grades you grow.

Try hard to learn all that you can

there is so much to know.


The one thing I tried to teach you

to last your whole life through,

is to know that you are special

just because you’re you.


Ah, jeez. Here I go again. Blubbering. Ha ha ha. 😛 Right. Off for some ice-cream then, hey, my beautiful bloggy friends? And to watch ‘Love Actually’, too. Maybe. On second thoughts…maybe not. xx

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2 replies on “The Beautiful River”

I sobbed! Too hard. Too much. Wait, no, there can never be too much. Gosh, it went straight to the core of my heart and back around to wrap it in a beautiful quilt. Yes, yes, it absolutely made me feel special.

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