Always Going to Love You

I’m a dreamer.

I was always going to love you

like you’d never been loved before.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

8 replies on “Always Going to Love You”

Too true. Life is way too short to love with only half a heart. 💞Well, that’s what this dreamer heart of mine thinks, anyhoo. ☺️❤️

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Oh Gosh, Kat. It’s you that’s been my universal messenger these past couple of days. Thank you so much for finding this lady for me, universe. What a beautiful gem she is. 💞

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Our invisible paths in life must be crossing. Our souls are fluttering in tandem. As difficult as some emotions and experiences have been lately, I simultaneously feel free and my heart deeper. The universe certainly knows what it’s doing!

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