Everything While I’m Alive

There are days when I fall to my knees.

When the wind leaves me hollow, and my tears water the dust.

And I say to the ache of life—

I feel you.

Still, I ask you to stay.

Because without you

I am only half the soft girl within.

And I choose to be her everything while I’m alive.

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2 replies on “Everything While I’m Alive”

It’s always the hard things, those dark and tough emotions and impossible situations, that show us what life is and what it can be. Too often I want to slam a door on them, but they really do help make us into who we are. The pain keeps us human, gives us depth, deepens those wells of feeling that puts us so in touch with the world. Hugs, Brooke. Lots and lots of hugs.

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Oh Kat. You are a true soul mate. Always speaking straight to my heart. So much love, girl. So grateful I’ve found you and your beautiful, loving support.


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