Reality. And How There is No Such Thing.

I send a text message to a friend: a message that warms my heart because I’ve said something that fills me with all the lovely things.

In my mind, I see my friend receive the text message. She smiles.

In my mind, we have just shared the most BEAUTIFUL tender moment together.

To me, this is my reality.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it?

I’ve constructed the entire story beyond reality as I truly know it to be.

The reality is that the actual version of events may have gone something like this:

I send message. Smile (all the lovely things, la la la.) My friend receives the message. My friend is emotionally triggered by something I have lovingly communicated in the message. They are not on the same page as I am. Not even one-little-bit.

Oh my goodness. You guys. Do you see what horror I have to put up with in this random little world of mine? How is a dreamy, love-hearty girl like me to deal with such a stern and logical talking to by the invisible powers that reside within? Lessons on how to live in the moment. Lessons on how to tear the dreamy light out of my eyes?

I mean, really, universe.

Shame on you for breaking a girl’s heart.

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5 replies on “Reality. And How There is No Such Thing.”

Exactly why I always hesitate when sending text messages! I can’t bear knowing my experience differs from that of the person receiving the message. Unless it’s the friend I’ve known almost all our lives as we carry miniature versions of each other in our minds. Ah, it’s so wonderful! But also makes every other interaction somewhat painful and anxiety-inducing. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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It’s just that overall ‘triggering’ other people thing that’s quite hard for me to deal with. I’ve realised that’s likely why I’ve been ‘in hiding’ for a great deal of my life, preferring an introverted lifestyle. Because I’ve always been so sensitive, a complete Empath through and through, it’s been extremely difficult for me to deal with the negative emotions of others. I’m now opening up to strengthening my energetic boundaries so that that stuff doesn’t hurt me too much. But if I’m really honest…I’m still totally in hiding much of the time. People can be a bit hard! 😂

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Oh, but perhaps you’re supposed to trigger people! It’s impossible to know exactly how we impact each other. Just as the universe speaks to me through you, perhaps it also speaks through you to those around you. The universe knows you are strong, you are wise, and that your perfectly beautiful and loving heart is exactly what it needs to send it’s messages.

I was very much like you when I was a child. I never understood it and it bothered me a great deal, but I could always sense how the people around me felt. It was always hardest when I could sense my classmates’ nerves during presentations because it only amplified my own. It hurt a great deal at times, immobilized me, but somehow made me stronger, more understanding, and so much more open to life as I’ve gotten older. Though, yes, I do enjoy hiding my fair share! People can absolutely be overwhelming.

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Oh, I LOVE that perspective. That even so called ‘negative’ triggers can offer gifts or experiences to anchor into a little later when the storm has calmed and everything makes a bit more sense. AGAIN, the universe is using you to be my guide, Kat. Ps- have you looked up all the videos on you tube for Empaths? Gosh. Some of those are absolutely brilliant and have helped me a hell of a lot on my journey. When, after feeling so out of place for most of my life, I found a sea of Empaths out there…omg. Mind blown. SO wonderful we’re all helping each other grow, and find the strength in our voices. ☺️❤️

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The universe has a master plan for us, I just know it, otherwise how else could we have found each other halfway across the world? Oh, gosh, I still have to look at the videos! Every time I sit down to do something, something always seems to come up. Like my cat. She adores trying to respond to all my comments for me. My sweet little furbaby who lets me pet her to calm myself.


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