What It’s Like To Feel The Wind

I had a big cry yesterday and it was all the lovely things. It felt like the rain releasing the pain of the sky— except it wasn’t the sky’s pain that was calling. It was mine.

What a gift they were to me, those tears. How they unlocked me, moved the energy of life up and down my back, swirling around my heart and into a place unknown. Healing for the girl I know and miss so much.

My beautiful soft girl.

She sometimes gets lost, and when she does I miss her so, so much. I want to always sit with her by the river and feel her wind as it rushes through me. I want to feel the greatest love of all—hers—as I sit among the trees and listen to the rustling quiet of it all.

What is it like to feel the wind of your own spirit? Have you felt it? If not, let me try to explain the feeling. I promise: when your spirit chooses its moment to tunnel through your bones—you will know. And with all of your heart, you will smile.

It feels like a release of every worry that ever existed in your world, turning it into every worry that never really existed at all.

It feels like sensuality. Like freedom.

Like the deepest,

most profound


It feels pure: like crisp, clear water.

It feels like a bliss that no external love could ever provide, and yet the spirit lives for love— to love, and to be loved in return. It lives to know every avenue of life. Every avenue of humanity.

It doesn’t ask questions, this wind, it just finds the softness of the body and whooshes, unclogging all the muddy pipes within, and planting the most beautiful flowers along the way.

And so it is that I know the wind on my skin is the spirit of the Earth.

And so it is

that I know we all have that very same wind

inside of us, too.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “What It’s Like To Feel The Wind”

Oh, I love a good cry! I adore them so much. They’re so cathartic and beautiful and there are always rainbows at the end. There are so many people who dislike tears, so many people who have asked my why I’m crying. How do you make someone understand tears are good, tears are freedom? It’s a beautiful way of returning to oneself, of shedding the skin the outside world forces us to wear. I’m so glad there’s someone else who experiences a good cry the same way!

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Oh yes! Completely! It’s a strange and beautiful sensation! Obviously you’re sad because you’re crying, but it feels so ridiculously good at the same time. It’s that old world childhood programming that has people afraid of tears I think. Just that unconscious ‘don’t cry’ statement that’s been the ‘thing to say’ just because people didn’t really know what else to say. How about we start saying to our children this: oh, darling. Get it all out. Enjoy the way it makes your body feel. Can you imagine how many cool, calm and collected individuals there’d be strolling around because they’ve actually listened and acted upon the natural call of their bodies? The good thing is, I think we’re mostly becoming more conscious about ‘programming’ our children to listen to their authentic needs. I hope so, anyway. It’s really hard to be a conscious parent, though, with so much other outside noise and mud bogging us down. I struggle with that sometimes, I admit. Though I do try. And that’s better than not even being able to see the errors in my ways, I like to think. ☺️xx

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Exactly! Oh, it tears me up when I see one of my babies feeling those hard, heavy emotions. I’d love to kiss away their pain, but they need to experience them, need to explore them. Life is about the good and the bad. By denying them the bad, we’re denying a part of them, and that’s so much worse. As much as it hurts my heart, I love telling my children it’s perfectly fine to cry, to be upset, to be mad, to be frustrated. I absolutely agree people would be so much calmer and happier if they felt free to express themselves. It’s so freeing!

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