The Journey to Shine


‘Yes, Moon?’ Sun replied, glancing over his shoulder at the beautiful, shining friend who sat so solemnly beside him. He continued to dangle his fishing line over earth. Soon, he knew, the daytime of the south would chomp.

‘I have a confession to make, Sun. Oh my goodness. I think I love my shine,’ said Moon, gently drooping with shame.

‘But why would you think that loving your shine is a a bad thing, Moon? Heavens, silly duffer. How dear you are to me.’

Moon raised her face and pointed into the distance. ‘Those stars over there told me that if I love myself, it means I’m arrogant. It means that I only care for myself. It means…that I am bad, and they are good.’

Sun looked upon the group of stars in the distance- beautiful little star children, enjoying their perspective of the world, shining the only way they knew how.

‘Moon. But you must love your shine, otherwise you would snuff it out and there would only be darkness. The humans need your shine. And so do those stars over there. Because one day, they’ll be offered the chance to unleash their own shine- and you’ll have already given them permission to say: yes.’

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