This grace,

this river,

this flame.

This life that flows and rages and burns.

I no longer need these eyes

to discover the beauty

in all things wild and true.

I feel the delicate.

I feel the rush.

I feel the heat.

And as sure as the moon whispers the ocean

into its everything

so my spirit whispers to me.

That I am free.

Like the sea.

To be me.

7 replies on “Transformation”

Thanks for your kind words, John. That’s lovely of you to say! Thank you also for sharing my words with your gang. I hope everyone got something out of it. x

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Thank you, John! I’m so glad this resonated with you! This feeling that flows within me when I’m living fully with my heart is the closest feeling I’ve come to defining freedom. So I’ll just keep rolling with that I think. 🙂

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