One More Chance

Give me one more chance to find compassion.

Give me one more chance to look into the eyes of the bullies, to have them see that they are loved. By someone. Even just one person might do. Because that one person may be the very person to fill their cup with hope, and turn things around for all of us.

Give me one more chance to react as the kind girl I know that I am, rather than the scared one who’s been in the ‘victim’ seat before. Such damage was born in round one. But now that I know a bully is born of pain caused by another…how do I feel about the pain they burned into me?

Give me one more chance to find compassion.

Give me one more chance to balance the dark with the light.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “One More Chance”

Thank you. 💞I’m not currently being bullied, thank goodness, but I am going through a healing journey and revisiting old wounds. I mostly believe that beneath it all, people are good, and if guided carefully as youngsters and treated mindfully instead of reacted to, bullying wouldn’t exist quite as it did in the past. I hope you’ve found some peace and healing from your past troubles. 💞 It’s helped me to frame the bullies as victims themselves, and compassion seems to be the answer for that. xx ❤️


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