The Sweetest of All Knowings

I spend so many hours,

my sweet babes,

wishing I could lift for you.

If only I would remember

that the path of the butterfly

is never a straight one.

That there are dips and turns in life,

and times of complete stillness, too.

May this be a reminder.

That my love for you is the constant.

Precious and true

in high flight

and in low.

And that, my darlings,

is the sweetest of all knowings.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. đź’•

2 replies on “The Sweetest of All Knowings”

It’s so easy to want to do everything for them, to protect them and cocoon them forever and ever. It’s so hard to let go, but so easy to always give love that will be an eternal safety net. I love the butterfly analogy; it’s so lovely and true! Gosh, I could watch butterflies flutter around all day long. Though I do wish my kids would sometimes stop running in circles and triangles.

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So true, lovely Kat. I can only hope that the deep love I give them will be enough to give them a beautiful safety net to take them through life. xxx

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