Why can’t they see

when they tell me,

all of them,

to stay safe?

Stay home, stay safe.

Away from the virus that sucks the life

out of the human race

I so adore.

Stay safe, they say,

within the flimsy walls of home.

And yet a virus deadly

rages on


within the very walls they say

will hold me.

They do not see

these walls are fractured by

anger, spread

blame, spread

shame, spread

along social media currents

until no one is safe at home.

And so I say to them

I shall stay home,


within the only safe home I know to be


The home of me.

And there I will build a bright new world

from the inside out.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

5 replies on “Safe”

Nice! Great poem Brooke. Hope it isn’t “too personal” for you. There’s always the phone to reach out to friends or FaceTime if you need to connect with someone. Just because you have to “stay in” doesn’t mean you have to “isolate” 😉

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All good Jason. 🙂 I just had my cranky pants on this morning when I came across the Joy of Twitter. (Wink, eye roll :P) We (me and Twitter) have a hate hate relationship, given it seems like it’s usually used as a great big trolling space. It just doesn’t feel right to me to be fighting each other-on any day- let alone at a time like this. Hence, my feelings that the hatred social media sometimes spreads feels like an added Virus to be dealing with at this point. I, personally, am feeling pretty okay at the moment. 🙂 Thanks for your support and encouragement! 🙂 xx

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I prefer to stay away altogether, but sometimes it finds me in my emails! A girl can’t win. Ha ha ha


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