I felt connected to myself today, somehow more grounded than I’ve felt for a long while.

It was a surprising— and much longed for—shift in energy, I have to say. It reminded me of the early days of this blog, when I was still me enough to feel steady on my feet, but not me enough to know I was about to fly somewhere. And I didn’t know where I was about to fly, all I knew was…it was going to be somewhere else. 

Somewhere alive.

Somewhere free, somewhere so incredibly beautiful— and as it happens, that place is slowly finding me. Slowly, very slowly, but it’s finding me, and I’m grateful.

I’m grateful to those of you who’ve stayed with me through the waves. The highs and lows of a newly single Mum of two, who, quite frankly, still has quite the way to go before finding anything that looks remotely like stability.

But I’m getting there.

And today…well, today made me think that I might just be a little closer than I thought I was to getting back to the grounded girl (woman) who started this blog.

The depression has been the killer for me, I think. The uncertainty of a life gone mad, threw me (and continues to throw me, actually) under the bus of life, and given I’ve isolated myself fairly solidly for, oh, you know, my whole life…I’ve largely been dealing with all these changes alone. So, guys…it’s kind of sucked. Majorly. Just a little bit. (I should point out that I’m not placing myself in the role of ‘victim’, here. I’m aware that every step of my journey has been mine to take. I’m just pointing out what has been.)

Actually, I’m so truly grateful for many things. Having you guys to come back to, my two particularly patient besties, a really rather reasonable ex-husband (and positively brilliant Father, might I add), and a Dad of my own who takes my breath away with his steadfast, gentle there-ness. I mean, really, what’s an upside-down life when you have all of those wonderful things to turn your frown around.

You may have noticed the changes to my blog, and if not, that’s okay. I’ve never been very good at noticing peoples’ new hair cut either (even if they’ve had long hair and cut most of it off).

One thing I can guarantee will not be changing is my absolutely bonkers personality; the girl that brings you ‘dad’ jokes one day and mushy gooey poetry the next. The thing that this ‘awakening’ has taught me is that I am a blank canvas. I can be whoever I want to be, whoever I enjoy being the most. 

And so I’ll keep being that slightly random (okay, pretty bloody random) girl you all know so well, if you don’t mind. I never did fit into a box, and I’ll never aim to fit into one either.

I’m just very randomly me.

And I’m so glad I’ve got a very lovely band of lovely heads (you guys!) to spill all my tears and love hearts onto, every now and then.

(Aww. xx)

This old random, hey. 😛 xx

7 replies on “Connected”

I adore how bonkers you are. So many bloggers pick one way of presenting themselves and it gets boring every so often, but you’re always you and your blog shifts and changes as you shift and change. It really feels like reading a human being! Always stay bonkers, Brooke.

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Aww. Well, I adore your great big heart! 🙂 And Lol. That’s true. Bloggers and humans do tend to take on an identity and stick to it. It feeds the illusion that we’re safely cocooned in something a little less huge than the vastness of EVERYTHING, I think. 🙂 But for my whole life I’ve been an open book, wearing my heart on my sleeve, and following whatever river flows me…so ‘bonkers’ is really all that I know! ha ha ha xx

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I love it, Brooke! I love every bit of it. I’ve bounced around a fair amount myself and it’s just feels so nice to be myself and not worry about how crazy other people think I might be. The world needs plenty more good crazy these days. It’s kind of interesting to see how many bloggers have been cracking the facade they’ve created, and it just makes them feel so much more human.

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Totally! People are growing into this ‘new’ way of ‘feeling themselves’ in the world more and more I’m noticing. Not everyone calls it ‘spiritual’ but everyone is shifting. Absolutely fascinating to witness. ☺️💞

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