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Darling Day 15. Golden Fields

This heart whispers

to the fragile night of the soul.

The darling buds,

once closed,

now reach with

delicate fingers

to the soft of a brand new


Light the way, dear sun.

Release the petals

still stuck in place.

Let the night be but a pleasant

sigh across the golden fields

of evermore.

4 replies on “Darling Day 15. Golden Fields”

Your darling posts are such a bright spot for me these days! There’s so much warm sunshine here right now and we can’t enjoy any of it. My kids have been driving me up the wall, finally, after more than 2 months of being cooped up and my husband has been jumping from one big project to another at work for weeks now, so I’ve really been latching onto your posts because they’re just a bright, warm spot of sunshine on my too pale face.

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My darling Kat lady. 🙂 xx If I could have you right here beside me, to share each darling day, I would. This is a shitty time. Sometimes it feels like we ‘don’t got this’ and that’s beacuase we bloody don’t. But one thing’s for sure…we’ve got each other. Always. I’ve got you, and you’ve got me: anytime you need me, even beyond these daring days. I’m just an email away. So much love, sweet lady. x

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Brooke, you’re just too lovely! It’s so lonely going through this some days, but it just makes me so much happier to have someone like you, no matter the distance. A little sunshine goes a long way!

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I agree, Kat. ❤️I’ve been feeling lonely, too. 😢We’re so lucky to have each other, and our beautiful little community on here to turn to when the quiet gets too loud. xx

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