The Wind Of Change

When the wind swings the fallen leaves

so naturally to the ground,

I ask her,

why now?

And she whispers:

because it is time.


My beautiful bloggy friends,

My empath-ness goes all the way around at tough times like these, and it’s impossible for me not to see all sides of the story. This story we have been living over the past few months has been eye opening. First, a virus that has had us all immobilised and assessing who it is we want to be in the world. And now, another one of our sore spots. The fight for human equality raising its ugly head, once more.

I hope you are all going okay with all of this heavy energy. None of us know how to do this new collective gasp for air that we’ve taken. I have certainly never felt anything like it in my lifetime, and I can’t imagine there would have been a time like it before. (With that said…it’s always been a mountainous climb, this human journey. And history has seen some fairly massive shifts along the way.)

I can only speak from my transformational experience over the last few years, which has driven me into a deeper place of personal accountability and peace, drip by drip by drip.

I have had to remember myself all over again: remind myself of who I remember my true essence to be, and realise I haven’t been that girl for a while. Awareness and change point accepted.

The beautiful part of it all has been that, slowly, as I’ve found the bits and pieces of my shadow hidden within the light of what I always thought I was…a greater light has begun to shine within me. And though I am nowhere near the top of the mountain, I feel so relieved now that I’ve started to climb.

Collective humanity also has a shadow side, and it is this shadow side we are now beginning to see. I am a big believer that every single life on earth is precious (even those we might call ‘villains’.) I am a big believer in the human race being just one thing, not the many subcategories we’ve devided ourselves into over generations. We are human. And because we are human…we are love. It’s the one thing that we know we all have in common- and so it must be that this is what we are.

I’m sorry if any of this political sort of talk has offended anyone: we have been hiding this sort of talk for so long out of fear of unsettling the peace, and so I don’t suppose it’s very comfortable to look at the ways in which we may be able to help bring about a more permanent peaceful change for the world. But the worry is…each time we do ignore these conversations, the darker the shadow we create. And the darker the shadow, the harder it is to shiny us up again. We are the most beautiful shiny creatures, all of us.

I really do hope that all this upheaval can lead us into a beautiful new chapter of peaceful understanding and compassion for all- including the way we see ourselves.

So much love, Brooke (aka: mega dork and love heart giver; on a mission to bring peace, freedom, beauty, truth and love to all. Bonus points for a massive slice of chocolate cake on the side.)

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

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