Unconditional Love

The answer to the question of peace lies within each of us.

We are all human.

We all have mothers, and sisters, and best friends, and bad hair days.


No matter who we are, no matter what we do.

Peace starts with unconditionally loving ourselves. It starts with seeing the ways in which we are a little bit shit or unique and realising…we love ourselves anyway.

This will allow us to see each other clearly.

This will allow us to see that we are just as flawed or unique as the neighbour we judge, and that is okay because we are human. This will empower us to choose growth, change, peace: we cannot choose these things unless we acknowledge the need for them in the first place.

It starts with seeing the oppressed, and seeing the oppressor and vowing to walk with them both until we have all walked into our sameness.

We can no longer hide from our shadows.

We have seen this day a thousand times before, and each time we’ve been too frightened to truly see, and move somewhere else.

We have fought wars, we have swept knowledge under the carpet… but we’ve collectively grown enough now and we know: this time is different.

We know this is the beginning of peace because it has to be.

And so we make the choice: seek acceptance of the self, and of the all.

Or keep hiding from what we know to be true.

The choice is ours.

I choose unconditional love.


8 replies on “Unconditional Love”

Oh, Brooke, of course this came from you! It’s been such a difficult time lately, but I always feel heartened when I see both sides coming together. So many people just want to magnify differences just so they can seem better than everyone else, but it only hurts everyone. I hope every day for peace, tolerance, and acceptance.

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I do to. I’m struggling very much with this-seeing it from all angles. It causes me so much pain to see the way black people have been oppressed and hurt for so long, but it also kills me to see the way people are so heartlessly throwing racist people under the bus, rather than walking with them to a more peaceful way.😢We don’t agree with their conduct, but we don’t have to be the monsters that we have made them out to be by placing their heads on a stick in order to achieve change. Oh, Kat. Honestly, sometimes I think I must be from another planet. I seek equality for all humans. The way people are shaming racists, to me, is just another language of the intolerance they are trying to fight. How can they not see? 😢

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I must be from the same planet as you because I completely agree. It’s so hard sometimes to be able to see all sides and understand no side is completely correct and we could all learn something from everyone, but intolerance doesn’t seem to work that way. One side only can be correct and it just marginalizes yet another group. It hurts my heart every time when someone is hurt, but it’s also impossible to not understand the other side. I keep thinking that if I just raise my kids to see people instead of something different from them and they can spread that message to their peers and their kids, then maybe society stands a chance at finding equality, or at least understanding and acceptance.

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I agree with all the above, one hundred percent. And the great news is we’ve had our struggles with this issue to guide us as to what to teach our children. That’s got to be a very wonderful thing. ❤️☺️xxx

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Me too. It’s definitely a different world than the one we were brought up in, so I have high hopes for the great grand kids. ☺️

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