I ache

for it all.

It is a war.

It is a world wide



the differing languages

of intolerance.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “War”

As scary as that photo looks, it is incredibly apt right now, which is in itself scary. It’s also sad that we think we’re so evolved and above certain things, but intolerance still runs rampant. It’s a good thing we can always depend on you and your ever-beautiful heart!

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Aww. ❤️You’re so sweet, Kat. 💞And yes, it’s a war, and it’s difficult to witness or understand when we’re all so clearly after the same thing. I’m trying to let it be, and understand each person is dealing with it all in the only way they know how. That has started to bring me some peace-perhaps as I acknowledge my own intolerance exists also: being the intolerance of this war. 😬 What a chaotic, psychological ‘mind bleep’ it all is. 😂

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Haha, it so is! Our mayor has recently decided to cut the budget for the police department, which I understand, especially since somewhere around 10000 protesters demanded it, but I can also see that leading to more disgruntled people and probably more crime, so I’ve reached a point where it just needs to be turned off. I feel like sticking my fingers in my ears is childish, but it also feels like the only way to maintain sanity.

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