A few months ago I received a wonderfully exciting email letting me know that two of my poems are in the running for potential publication. A card company (based in America, I think) is holding them for a while, seeing how well they might hold up within their market space. If the poems do look as though they may sell…my words, and my heart, will be floating across a greeting card or a thousand. How exciting. Since I was young, I’ve thought that might be a nice dream to achieve.

This afternoon, I sent three more poems off for review, and two children’s picture story books. Imagine that: all it takes is to write and believe, and suddenly the world becomes something new. Possibility. And possibility then becomes a beating heart, sent to replace the old one that went about the day without too much more to hope for.

This is the beginning of a beautiful new life, for me. I’m in love with myself for the first time in my life. I’m thrilled to have found a beautiful connection with my writing; unlike ever before, it flows without even the thought of a pause.

I’m falling apart quite often, still, and rather confused about the whole ‘love’ thing: why I didn’t just stick to seventeen year old me’s decision to swear off men forever, is absolutely beyond me.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Man, or no man, I have an open heart that’s ready to share. And it’s so beautiful to have it flowing and connecting with everything that I am…I could take or leave romance, I suppose.

Maybe I’ll just write about it, instead. ☺️

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

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Thanks for your support, Stuart. 🙂Yes, I think it’s wonderful just to be visiting something ‘new and exciting.’ I shall keep it rolling along! x


That’s so fantastic, Brooke! Your poems would be perfect in greeting cards; I have no doubt they would inspire people around the world. I hope everything works out and you’ll be able to share your beautiful words and soul everywhere!

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Aww. ❤️I hope so too, Kat. I have such beautiful memories of sitting in my Nan and Pops back lounge when I was a young girl, absolutely captivated by these poetry books Nan had. It must have been my soul giving me the heads up that my journey would be heading along a similar trajectory. ☺️☀️

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Oh my goodness, Kat. ☺️You’ve just given me chills. What a magically linked universe it is. And how beautiful to find the people, places and things that get you exactly where you’re meant to be in this world- even before you’ve realised that’s what they’re doing. You’ve been one of those people for me. So grateful to have found you, sweet friend. xx💞

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Likewise, Brooke! You always remind me of everything beautiful in people, especially when the whole world feels like it’s collapsing and I love how it just opens up my heart a little bit more. I can’t wait for a bigger, wider world to know the beauty you sow with your words!

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