And then she said goodbye


and again,

and again.

Each time, as if she’d forgotten the last.

The broken heart of precious memories:

a sting she can no longer deny.

She loved his heart and soul, despite it all.

Unconditionally, she has always loved

all things,

all people,



her heart will break

until it no longer


for what he does not choose.

Her deep blue sea.

A sea too deep for some to bear.

And this,

despite the sweetly ringing bell

of wholeness and grace within,

shocks her, still.

A truth to be seen,

to be held,

to be healed.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

9 replies on “Healed”

Thank you Jason. 🙂Damn this divorce business. It’s like tearing off a massive band aid over and over again. I suppose it will all work out just as it was meant to, in the end. x

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You are beautiful beautiful writer…I can really feel your words.
Please if you have time check out my blog…I’d love to hear what you think 💗

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