Free To Fly

‘If I am free to fly,’

said the girl

to the moon,

‘why are my wings still closed?’

‘Because you have not yet decided

to flip the closed sign

to open,’

said the moon.

To the girl.

6 replies on “Free To Fly”

I have no bloody idea where this stuff comes from, Kat. (Ha ha ha- hijacked by the universe again!) I didn’t even know what this one meant when I wrote it, but I knew it meant something I’d need to ponder. I thought my wings were open. Now that I really think about it…I’m actually a little bit scared to fly. I suppose we all must feel this way, at times. xx

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The universe has found a way to communicate – through you! There are so many lessons for us to learn, so many things for us to ponder, and you’re the perfect person to deliver those messages. I’m definitely terrified of flying, but I suppose we must spread our wings and take a chance if we’re ever to live the way the universe intends us to.

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So true, sweet lady, Kat. So true, indeed. Let’s take the leap to fly, together, and compare notes along the way. I’m so sure that’s a great big part of what life is all about. ☺️

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It’s always easier with a partner! I feel like I can’t stop staring at what lies at the bottom of the cliff, but I also know the leap will be more than worth it. I hope.

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