I’ve just done some counting. My absolute least favourite thing.

And according to my calculations, I’ve had my piano (a digital piano) for seventeen years.

Seventeen years.

There was a moment a few weeks ago when it didn’t turn on. My stomach fell, and in that moment I had an entire conversation with myself.

It was like the life of the piano flashed before my eyes.

All the songs we’d written together.

All the tears I’d cried as she helped mend my broken hearts.

What if she was gone?

If she didn’t turn on.

I realised I’d still have my voice to create music, and that thought soothed me.

But my goodness I was pleased ‘my baby’ turned on eventually.

Boy, was I ever pleased.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

10 replies on “Piano”

I know that feeling! I have a harp I’ve had for almost as long as you and your piano have been together. About a year ago one of the kids knocked it over and my heart just STOPPED as soon as it hit the floor. I never thought I would ever baby an inanimate object like that, but I almost cried when I saw it was just a little scratched. Losing something that heals the soul and makes the world right again doesn’t bear thinking about. I hope your baby lives forever!

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You have a HARP?! Omg! That’s AMAZING. How beautiful!! Gosh, I would have freaked out too. 😂Thank goodness it survived the crash! What a precious instrument.

These days I’m less and less attached to objects but I have to say, I’m already planning on how I can swiftly replace this piano when it dies. If I have to go without food for a bit…😂🤣😂🤣

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Haha, that would be me, too! It’s hard to let go of something that can bring such relief to a tired, hurting soul. There’s just so much emotion that goes into making music that it’s just impossible to give up!

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