Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Today, quite by accident, I turned things around.

A little tidy in the bathroom became an entire makeover: a de clutter to the point of minimalist elegance.

And now I can breathe again.

That little de clutter session inspired me, and reminded me that clutter around the house actually acts as overstimulation for me (which I really don’t enjoy all that much.) My house was actually fairly tidy. But it had many things bobbing about, and that means many things to tidy. Just the thought of having multiple things to tidy sends me into a bit of a procrastination spiral.

Now I have elegance. Breath. Space.

If I can keep reminding myself of my core needs…I just might be able to fly that little bit higher, breathe a little easier.

I really do love beautiful epiphany days like today. Thanks universe. You’re a legend. Day by day, teaching me I cannot truly know what I do want, until I’ve fully experienced what I don’t want.

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