A Bloggy Snooze

Hi guys, ❤️

I thought I might take a little time away from our lovely bloggy land.

I’ll miss you a fair bit, so I might be back in a couple of days, or three or four. Or a week. (No longer than a week, I don’t imagine.)

It occurred to me the other day that I always have the tap turned on and flowing toward this place, and that it might be nice to turn it off, or at least, around, for a while.

I’m sure the creative flow will just split off into another river of expression. What will it be, I wonder? I do have some pot-plant pots that need painting. A canvas that’s been sitting bare for about six-months (partly because I’m lazy, partly because I’m busy, and partly because I can’t really paint.)

Anyway, I thought a bit of time to recharge might be nice.

I’ll be in the contact section if anyone needs me.

Sending so much love, you guys.

Soon. ❤️

9 replies on “A Bloggy Snooze”

Oh AMAZING! I’m so jealous! Ha ha ha. I’m never too far away from the heater or hot water bottle, these days. What I wouldn’t give for a lovely beach day! Have an amazing time! ❤️xxx

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Good for you! You work hard on your site and we appreciate it. Take some time to try something different… FYI I couldn’t really paint either. I started with some tutorials on YouTube and the like. I think my painting is doing okay now. I finally hung up some of my own paintings in my bachelor pad and it made a lot of difference in my mood and outlook 😉 …so there’s that. Talk to you soon!

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Thanks Jason! Yes, I’m actually not too bad at watercolour painting, but anything else and my talents are a bit…questionable. Ha ha ha. Oh well. Maybe I’ll take your advice and head onto you tube! Or just stick to what I’m good at and write something (like the novel that’s always waiting to be birthed.) ☺️


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