The Apple Tree Of Everything

This is the Apple Tree of Everything.

You may pick only one apple, today.

Hold it in your hand.

Look at it.

Really, look at this apple you have picked.

To say it is red is hardly enough.

There are black porous dots, scattered and bunched.

A deep red jacket of smooth and lumps— there is even a bruise.

This is your apple of the day.

Yours because you have picked it.

It is not perfect, but none of the apples on the tree are perfect.

For what is perfect when different is the only sameness the tree can offer.

This apple of yours is far from the ordinary you see.

And it is yours.

How completely beautiful.

green tree photo
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

2 replies on “The Apple Tree Of Everything”

I recently learned that, if you grow an apple tree from a seed, it’s kind of like playing the lottery; you never know exactly what kind of apple you’ll get! Apples are amazing, and so much better at embracing and proudly displaying different-ness than we humans.


Amazing, Kat!! Yes, I know! I have never had one apple that’s the same. And yes, it’s a shame about the human thing, hey. ☺️We’ll get there. I hope! 😂xx

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