Where do you go

when you are locked away

inside yourself?

Don’t you know that you are lovely?

Don’t you know

your beautiful smile was made

to light up your day,

and mine?

Never forget,

sweet friend:

the sun rose for you, too.

Not just for the others.

Never forget:

you are perfectly



All ways.


By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

8 replies on “Always”

Aww, sweet Kat lady. 🌸 It’s friends as beautiful as you that fill my cup up- just so happens the contents tip right back onto YOU. 😂 Magic how that’s happens, hey.☺️ I might be the messenger, but the message is already in you, girl! Sending so much love to you, through the sky. Always. 💫❤️xxx

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Aww. Shruba.❤️ I think we ALL need to hear this- as much as possible. I’m so glad I was the lucky one to magically tap into the river of you, lovely lady. Off you go. Be you. ❤️😘xx

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