Will I always dream of life beyond the creaky bones of now?

The other side of the hill will call again, no doubt, whispering: this is what your life could be.

And though my heart is full, will I always dream of something more?

Of the life beyond the life?

The echo of the here.

The shadow of the now.

Dreams are always somewhere else, aren’t they?In a place that doesn’t exist.

Shall I creep towards that place, knowing there is no destination?

Knowing the birth of a dream will only end it and call forth the birth a new one?

Knowing the dream train will never ever reach the station?

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

12 replies on “Dreams”

Gosh, I never thought about it that way! Even if “dreams do come true” it never really seems like the way it was supposed to be. Of course, I’ll never stop dreaming, but I really never thought of it that way.

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It just occurred to me that the concept of dreams is a bit like the concept of ‘tomorrow’. Tomorrow will never actually exist, because tomorrow will always be gone as soon as ‘today’ arrives. I was thinking…once a dream is achieved there is no more dream to dream because you’re already there living it. So, technically, it’s not a dream any more, it’s now turned into ‘life in the present moment’.

So all there is to do is start to dream a new dream, and live the current one. But if you’re living it…it’s not longer a dream to get to. 😂 Know what I mean? It made so much sense to me before…😂😉

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Then you read it exactly as I intended! Though, you are kind of like one of my clones…so I’m not really surprised you totally read my mind, Kat. ha ha ha. 😛

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I don’t think the world of dreams doesn’t exist. I think it exists as much as we exist. But our existences only intersect at certain junctions and perhaps don’t completely overlap or intersect quite at the moment we would have wanted it to. We like to think we are in control, but are we really in the greater events of this universe, fate is probably a simple result of permutation and combination. In any case, keep dreaming on! Dreams make it easier for us to walk on. 😭❤

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I agree with all that, Shruba. ☺️ Yes, I absolutely believe the dream world exists, in fact I believe the dream world is the only thing that does exist in terms of our consciousness. I think it’s all one. ☺️

Have a read of what I wrote in my reply to Kat. I explain what I was thinking in terms of dreams not existing. Pretty interesting to think of it all. ☺️ I love musing about the more abstract ideas of life. 💞🤓

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Oh yes, I just did. That makes a lot of sense! It’s like you can never touch the same water in a flowing river because the water has flowed on and it’s essentially different when you touch it again. I read that as a famous quote somewhere, forgot who it’s by but it always stuck with me. I love the thoughts behind your poem even more now! ☺❤

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Oh I love the idea of the river flowing. So true. ☺️ And I often look at rivers and marvel how the course of the flow changes the moment an object (a rock or something) is placed in the way of its current. Much like our own energetic flow- I love to see the similarities between man and nature. ☺️

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