I’m sitting at a table with one kid beside me, and another kid beside the kid beside me. My kids. Precious and two (although given they are six and three years old— it sometimes feels as though there are ten of them. Bless.) 🙂

We’ve just watched the most beautiful, beautiful show thanks to the wonderful program my little boy’s school is remotely running for school. It’s a fish thing. A deep blue sea thing, to be exact, and this week we are learning all about the beauty and majesty of the deep blue sea. I say we are learning because it seems there is quite a lot I don’t know about the ocean. For example, I’ve only just learned that, not only is coral alive, it also gives birth to real-life coral babies! Mind blown.

It just goes to show how sound asleep I’ve been for the majority of my life, sticking to the lanes I already know. The beautiful news is: there is a brighter shine to my perspective now that I’ve opened my eyes. The world seems magical and alive, again, more than ever before.

There is a small problem. There are so many wondrous, exciting, beautiful pathways to explore, and yet there is the lingering truth that finding time (and energy) to explore them remains a challenge. I’m part parent, part human with desires of my own. I’m not sure I’ll ever find the balance it takes to successfully master both at the same time, but I’ll never stop trying.

Let the life within me swell from the excitement of possibility, and let these sweet babes of mine feed off the shine in their hopeful Mum’s eye.

Life is beautiful, and mine I will use to explore as I will.

macro photography of white coral
Photo by Egor Kamelev on

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

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Haha, I have a 6 year old and 3 year old, too. They sure do seem like they’re everywhere, don’t they. I think that’s the one thing I really like about virtual learning, the learning alongside them. There are so many things I didn’t know, or just didn’t remember, and getting to see it through my son’s eyes has just been, well, eye opening. I’ve got that small problem, too, but, in the face of the twinkle of learning and getting to see my child blossom in front of my eyes (we won’t mention the frequent farts he loves to force out of himself to go alongside), it really is small. Good luck, Brooke, and happy learning! As much as I’m terrified of how this virtual learning is going to play back, I suddenly realize we will never ever have this opportunity again, so we’d better hold on tight no matter how difficult it might be!

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I love your beautiful positivity, Kat, and I do agree. It’s beautiful to see those eyes of theirs light up from learning new things, isn’t it.☺️ I’m a little more…’yeah, but now it’s my turn’ than you, though. Ha ha ha. 😉☺️ Being super Mum for the first five years of my kids life stole a very important part of me that I just won’t let go again. If I do, it will be at the kids detriment so finding the balance is important to me. ☺️ Also…never say never. ☺️ You can absolutely choose to home school beyond covid if that’s something that lights you up- there are other ways to feed the social needs of your bubbas beautifully. For what it’s worth, I think you’d be the PERFECT home school mum, should that choice ever arise. ☺️☀️

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Haha, I try to think of it that way because I’m heartbroken that the new school day means I get less time lost in my own world, but this is just temporary. I hope. I would homeschool in a heartbeat, but my son is one of those kids that just needs the classroom. It’s the only kind of challenge he actually accepts, so learning new material this year is really going to be fun.

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Aww. Yes, my son is the same, I think. He seems to love sharing his opinions etc. ha ha ha. Not half like his mum, hey. 🤪☺️🤓xx

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Aww! Thank you, Shruba. ❤️ I’ll pop that on my gravestone: ‘her beautiful bloggy family were inspired’ ha ha ha.☺️ What an honour that will be, truly. ❤️

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