I bounded out of bed. No, really, I bounded out of bed and bounced around my room, arms and legs flailing— a sort of contemporary dance concoction that would have won me the award for the most daggy morning-human, ever. ( Like, ever ever. )

I’m glad I listened to the quiet whisper that asked me to flick Spotify onto a super playlist of YES, and go with it. It started my day beautifully, and had me connecting to my heart and full energetic flow right away, which I struggle with from time to time, I’ll admit.

I’m feeling positive, at the moment, which feels empowering and wonderful on the back of the bouts of depression I’ve found myself wading through over the past couple of years. I’m probably a little odd in my take on the denser human experiences such as depression, but I believe it’s all there to frame life and to, ultimately, make it better. To show us who, how and where we are now, and to teach us who, how and where we would prefer to be.

Without times of imbalance, how can we possibly know and appreciate our body in equilibrium? How can we recognise the things in life we need to shift if we don’t experience a reaction to them? How can we feel deep empathy for others experiencing tough times, if we haven’t stomped through the sludge, ourselves?

Do I like being depressed? Well, no. It’s a journey fraught with many a winding road and impossibly steep hill. But do I see how it has grown me as an empathic human and broadened my perspective for the good of a great deal more people than just me? Absolutely. And I’m so, so grateful.

I am also grateful to able to dance about the house like an absolute loon and, rather than feel silly, fully LOVE the ways this body of mine can be all the magical things.


By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Dance”

Dearest Brooke, of course it’s you who takes the darker shades of humanity and somehow makes it empowering! But it’s true that the bad things need to go alongside the good things, if only so we can really appreciate the good.

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My sweet Kat, lady. ❤️ It’s like that thing about how you can’t know the difference between dark and light unless you have them both. ☺️ If the lights never turned off…all we would know is light but that’s only half the story. There has to be dark. It’s the way the universe works. ☺️

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Aww. ❤️ Shruba, you are just lovely. I love you, too, and am grateful to be a part of your bloggy journey- and your life journey. Keep shining that pure loveliness, girl. xx✨xx

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