On Writing

I write a lot about real life events. Sometimes I connect to fantasy and spin a beautiful story from worlds that don’t exist, but often I write from a place deep within. A place of memory, but more than that. It’s a place of alchemy, the unconscious breathing life into the conscious.

Friends and lovers gone by — how they’ve changed me. Hopes and dreams lost to the wind of time, moments of what if merging with moments of what is. It is a beautiful gift for a writer: to explore the world within, to honour the people, places, life paths that have made us who we are.

I hope my inner world will become a gift for you, also. A mirror to help you discover your own story, and the parts of your soul you’ve yet to explore.

Every person who has grown me into who I am lives within the worlds I write.

And every person that lives within me, through my writing, now lives within you.

I will never take for granted the profound beauty of that.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

6 replies on “On Writing”

Thanks Stuart! I sure will. And you keep writing, too! Writing is just another arm of living, after all. 🙂


Aww.💞 I’m so glad, Lauren. I love your writing so much, too. And your energy.☺️It’s so soft and lovely: like a warm chocolate milk. ☺️🌸xx

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Lauren M Hancock: one of those lovely humans that felt a lot like warm chocolate milk. 😂 I can see everyone lining up to have me write their writers bio now. ☺️🤓


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