Raging Humanity

Where do I put the pieces of me

that I do not wish to see?

Where do I put the pieces of others

that cut my gentle flesh

and baste me in the black oil

of smiles and lies?

Are we not all perfect, here?

Are we not all, nice?

Tied in the sweetest bows

of comfort and light

are the stories we tell.

Tied by the jagged boundaries

of our own



Open your eyes.

It is time

to wake


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4 replies on “Raging Humanity”

Yes, people need to wake up! All the imperfect pieces are what make us human, unique, ourselves, and it just makes me sad when people prefer to hide it. I think they’re the most beautiful pieces, the ones that show us who we are and will lead us to become better human beings.

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So true, lovely Kat! So much power lies beneath the surface. It’s so hard to be brave and dive onto the truth of ‘what is’ but so worth it, I think. xx

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