Who Are You?

Who are you?

What do you need

to feel like

the you you’ve forgotten you are.

Hint: It’s the first thing that comes to your mind, bloggy friends. Doing that thing will help you live your best life. I’m so sure.❤️

Ps. I’m going to take another break, I think. I’m doing a Writing for Children’s Picture book course, so I might benefit from a bit of space while I move that through my world.

Please feel free to stalk all two years worth of my blog if you miss our daily love ins. You know I love nothing more than sharing my heart with you all. Go nuts. xx And have an amazing week. ❤️

xx Brooke

9 replies on “Who Are You?”

Sounds like a fun course! I hope you have a lovely time! I’ll absolutely be missing my daily dose of Brooke, but you need to do what makes you feel you, and I just know we’ll be in for a beautiful kaleidoscope when you return.

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Yes! It is fun so far! I’ve got four more weeks to go, so looking forward to seeing what comes next! Can’t wait to get back here and hang out with you guys again, though. I miss you already! Ha ha ha ❤️

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